I don’t know if William Shatner would ever have made it into Star Trek from this last year, but it’s neat to see the scene that was written for him. I’m so impressed with the writing! I can really hear Shatner in those lines.

Honestly I think Kirk’s death in Generations was dumb. I have a little more respect for TOS after the movie reminded me how cool Kirk was (and I mean 1966 Shatner Kirk, not necessarily Chris Pine), but who thought Kirk should die that way? Bridge on the captain indeed. Look, there’s an easy solution: the Nexus contains some afterimage of Kirk, and somewhere in the Delta Quadrant it gets sprung by Species 8472. Kirk escapes with the help of one of the future Federation’s timeships, and then who cares there’s some equally dumb solution that would let Shatner be Kirk from time to time.