Star Pirates is launching a Starslip contest! Are you familiar with Star Pirates, friend? It’s an in-browser space MMO you can play anywhere for free. See, you’re a star pirate where you can eke out a living mining the asteroids, raid other players’ ships for cargo, or team up for fleet-on-fleet combat!

The continuity of Starslip has some flexibility, as a daring contingent of StarCon pilots have wound up (presumably via errant starslip) in the Star Pirates universe. The Astry has been in good standing for a long time, and I just read about a meet-up in Baltimore?! How did I miss this?!

Anyhow! They’ve letting players submit missions for other players to embark on, and that’s where the Starslip contest comes in. The prompt?

An enemy fleet has stolen the Spine of the Cosmos! It must be returned to the Fuseli! Katarakis is amassing forces on an asteroid near Mars. It’s up to Cutter to stop him!

If it were up to me I’d say Katarakis was using his newly-charged timesuit to some awful end. Maybe retrieving Republic forces from the past to fill cockpits in this new armada. Of course, the Spine of the Cosmos has been blunted as a weapon, but it’s still worth money… look, I can’t do it for you guys! That’s just the starting point!!

Check out Star Pirates, play for free right now and enter the contest!