This MSN portal has an image of the new suits that they’ll be wearing in the Tron sequel (is it Tron or TRON?). I like it! You put a blue glowing stripe down a black catsuit and you’ll have yourself a good time.

That said, the Chronomantic makes his return to Starslip today. The new universe version of the Chronomantic went the opposite direction with his suit — more little tiny lines as opposed to fewer, broader ones. However, let’s pay homage to the original black-catsuit-blue-lines time traveler, Walker Gabriel, whose suit I saw at a much younger age and loved. I looked at it again a few days ago and as it turns out, I guess I loved the idea of Chronos’ suit more than what it looked like in the comics. The blue lines all wrap around at the places where you’d expect to see gloves and boots and a belt, so he just looks like a dork.