I promised myself I’d update the blog here with my thoughts on Star Trek Online. I’ve only played about 4 or 5 hours worth with Scott, and I can’t decide whether I love it because it’s a good game, or because I had dreams of being a starship captain at age 11. The ground combat is all right, but the space combat is far more interesting. It’s a good mixture of action and tactical, having to steer the broadside of your ship to the enemy to do the most damage, while doubling your shields on that side and yelling at your engineer for more power (you get to pick and choose a bridge staff, who behave sort of like Magic cards in a deck, each with certain abilities to help out). It feels pretty authentic to me.

Ships are fairly customizable. Everyone gets one; you play a captain with some bent towards engineering, science or tactical. (So technically you could be a doctor too, like Crusher was captain of the Pasteur, but still a physician.) You can team up on away teams and missions, which is what Scott and I have been doing, and it’s the raddest.

I haven’t played MMOs in a long time, so I don’t know if this is the norm, but I like that the ground missions have a narrative to them. It’s not just “beam down and sweep out this warehouse of Klingon thugs.” You get in a skirmish in an asteroid field, destroy some jamming technology, beam down to get survivors to safety, then hurry back to your ship to take on the Orion cruiser that just dropped out of warp. Ugghhhh that is the best.

I’d tell you how beautiful the game looks, but since I’ve gotta play it under emulation, I’ve got the settings down low. But I’ve seen some amazing screenshots! It’s in open beta now if you can find someone who has a key. Anyway — this isn’t supposed to be a real review. I’m just excited. I’m playing STO and I like it!

Are you? What do you think?