When: April 30th – May 1st, 2010
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yes! I will be appearing at ROFLCon in late April for my first visit to MIT, and my first panicked visit to a world I barely understand. Thankfully I will be with my trusted cohort David Malki !, alongside whom I will be performing a LIVE edition of our acclaimed comedy podcast Tweet Me Harder at the show!

Also, the Jinxlet coloring books are now directly available from me — I hadn’t realized CreateSpace made you sign up for an account. I have eliminated this barrier! It’s a kid-safe book that’s really not aimed at children, but more like a wink at Starslip readers as to how a kid’s book would have to deal with things like Jupiter exploding and Xxxyyy and the Chronomantic’s bent towards… chrononautical lovemaking. (It’s handled very delicately.)