Hello dear readers, you make my life worth living. I’ll be trying a lot of new cons this year — almost four in the month of April if you count next week’s recovery from PAX East — and I hope to see as many of you as I can out there. The breakdown:

I will be exhibiting at the East Coast incarnation of the Penny Arcade Expo this coming weekend. I’d tell you where to find tickets, but they’re all gone, so the only way you’ll be seeing me there is if you were already going! Blamimation partner-in-crime Scott Kurtz will also be there, and I will also be serving a functional capacity to the show as Media Ambassador for PAX East, or as I have been dubbed,”Face.”

I’m told this is an A-Team term. I wouldn’t know. Look for me running all over the place during the show. If you catch me, you get… I don’t know what. An approving nod.

Then a less-than-two-week-long break for me, and I begin a gauntlet starting in Chicago, then Calgary, then ROFLCon (in Boston again!) with David Malki and our revered-yet-irreverent show Tweet Me Harder. I hope it all works out!

And it’s because of this insane schedule (and believe it or not that’s only counting what I can tell you about) that I have another thing to mention: Starslip for the interim is going three days a week, MWF. I ran the numbers, I made tallies and budgets, I worked ahead, and it turns out that’s the number I can deliver per week without lowering the quality you demand and the work itself deserves. The next couple months of Starslip are going to be white-hot in terms of what’s coming for the crew of the Paradigm. Let me know what’s going on with you out there! Anything I’m missing? Drop a line in the comments here or send me an e-mail at kris@starslip.com. Thank you everyone and I hope to see you near where you live!