After only fifteen months, the new Starslip is giving way to the previous comic strip, Starslip Crisis, whose return was agreed upon in recent contract negotiations with Kris Straub.

Whether or not Starslip will agree to the new update schedule (Starslip Crisis will be posted first, following by Starslip a little below the fold) remains to be seen, however insiders are saying the strip is angry at how poorly the transition has been handled.

“We’ve been working hard to build a new arc we could be proud of,” said the new Vanderbeam on Wednesday, “and one year seems like so little time.” Crisis’ underwhelming performance in the archives prompted complaints from advertisers, causing Straub to re-evaluate the lineup.

“I have every faith that both strips can co-exist comfortably,” said Straub, “Starslip Crisis, and Starslip, followed by Chainsawsuit with Jimmy Fallon.”