If you like books, and you like the comedy podcast I do with David Malki !, you’ll love the intersection of these two horrific worlds.

From time-traveling narwhals to grappling-hook cars; Fake Stan Lee to spray-painted Pomeranians. There’s a lot of gems in the Tweet Me Harder archives. But until now, there was no way to experience them in loud environments where background noise made listening to podcasts impossible!

Introducing Hey World Here Are Some Suggestions. In this, the first ten hours of Tweet Me Harder, painstakingly transcribed into textual form and exhaustively annotated, illustrated, and indexed, you will find absolutely-flawless answers to many of life’s common questions, including:

Are chicken bones rated as a building material? (p. 60)

Why does Garfield hate Mondays? It’s not like he has a job. (p. 97)

Why is my comb-over only fooling myself, and even then, only from the front? (p. 206)

Which hand do I poop with, and which do I throw phones at my friends with? (p. 258)

These and literally another question are answered within, to a satisfaction rating of 4.553 on the Sandford Satisfaction Scale (patent rejected due to stains on the application).

Honestly if you like any of the work I do, give Tweet Me Harder a listen and this book a look. I would characterize the uncharacterizable TMH as Starslip-erudite for the Chainsawsuit-attention spanned. I don’t know, maybe if you listen to the show you can come up with a better pitch in the comments here!

Also, if you live in Portland, OR or near it, keep your calendars free on the night of June 23rd, 2010. David and I will be in Portland having a signing and book release party! Details very soon.