2010 was a pretty incredible year for me, and 2011 looks like it’s going to be fraught with even more peril than its predecessor. But that’s neither here or there: it’s time for the first Starslip roundup of 2011.

• The first convention I’m doing this year is March 4-6 at the wonderful Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, a staple of my circuit. However, as I’m in the Seattle area, sometimes I announce meetups of various sizes. Follow me on Twitter for that info.

• Will Starslip book 4 be out before ECCC? Stay tuned…

• I ran across an article at io9.com about Benford’s Law. I couldn’t understand their write-up, so here’s Wikipedia about it, to whom I donated zero dollars to in 2010. Statisticians! This is madness. That can’t be correct.

• Anyway, I know you’re not here for any of that, so here’s pictures of women posing with Starslip goodies. [1, thanks Kirsten] [2, thanks Jen]