Given that the forums are down indefinitely, let’s open up a thread right here about the most recent storyline. This is a story that changed as I wrote it. Originally I was going to tell a tale where XLCR is perfect in all things, except for some critical point that would require a human touch, and Vanderbeam would prove his value and stop feeling bad about himself.

But a common device in Starslip is to subvert the idea that humans are the most special and have secret talents no one else does. I changed XLCR so that he actually, for all intents and purposes, is a better captain. So maybe there’s a lot there for humans to fear — as far as job security, and not in trusting a machine. I’m looking forward to seeing how Vanderbeam will react to having a Number One, and to writing a character who perhaps will not threaten Vanderbeam as much as Cutter did.

How do you feel about him?