This has been a long time coming! The first book of the Starslip reboot is here!

Starslip: A Completely Accurate Portrayal of the Future starts where The Crisis left off. It, like the reboot, is designed to be a great jumping-on point for new readers. There’s also a very limited number of artist editions featuring an ink sketch of Vanderbeam inside for $10 more (you can select between artist and regular editions with the dropdown).

You may have noticed, I have a new store as well — you will still find all my T-shirts and posters at Topatoco, plus a number of my other books, but Penny Arcade is doing the fulfillment on my new Starslip and Chainsawsuit books, along with all my album downloads.

Also, one more note — I think I’ve frightened a lot of you when I’ve talked in the past couple months about ending Starslip. Any cartoonist who tells you they’ve never had a down period with their strip is lying — it’s a living, breathing thing that shifts and changes and can sometimes wear you out. I’ve had a couple revelations about the strip very lately, especially because of close friends, that have reinvigorated my interest.

Right now Vanderbeam is feeling energized by his newly-revealed history with Jovia, and that echoes how I feel about Starslip. Some readers who have stayed with the strip enjoy it as it is now, but lament the decline of Vanderbeam’s curator persona.

He seems to be mostly captain now. It’s because he believed the way to Jovia was out there, in the unknown. It turns out that because of the starslip drive, even his own past became an unknown quantity. Since he and Jovia seemed to have bonded over art in the first place, he’s taking another look. Don’t fret about Starslip coming to an abrupt end. It has a lot of time left and I’ve got a lot of new stories to tell.