Surprise, Australia!

Scott and I have been talking with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for the past few months. Simply put, they made us an incredible offer: come to Melbourne in April of next year and host one of the programs in their 2012 season. But the MSO is a classical orchestra! What evening of music could they be doing that would be an adequate fit for the irreverent antics of Scott and myself?

Have you longed to hear awesome music from some of the greatest video games ever, played live by a big orchestra? The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is about to make your dreams come true. This is a world-first presentation of this amazing show featuring Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana, with more games to be announced.

Hosted by Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub of Penny Arcade TV’s Blamimations and the Scott and Kris Show, with special guest Wil Wheaton.

Produced in conjunction with Eminence, conducted by Philip Chu and featuring the Concordis Chamber Choir directed by Andrew Hunter.

WHEN: 11 and 12 April 2012
WHERE: Plenary Hall, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
TIME: 7pm

We were informed minutes ago that they’ve secured a special guest for each night’s performance: Wil Wheaton! So iconic is his aspect that they don’t even bother to list his curriculum vitae — it is already emblazoned on your hearts.

The MSO has extended us the gracious offer of opening pre-sale tickets to our fans in Australia first.

Click here for the exclusive pre-sale tickets to the April 11, 2012 performance (a Wednesday night).
Click here for the exclusive pre-sale tickets to the April 12, 2012 performance (a Thursday night).

Pre-sale tickets at this price are only available for the next seven days!

Let me stress something in particular to my dear readers and fans in Australia: I do not know when I will be in your continent next, if ever. Those will be magical nights.