Today’s was one of my favorite writing experiences for the strip. In the outline, I had written that, essentially, the crew manages to sneak onboard the Fuseli and by whatever means, convinces Astrid that she should give up the ship. And in my mind, up until I wrote it, it was kind of a sweet moment, even with Astrid wishing Vanderbeam well. I just hadn’t considered it that deeply.

Then I got to the part where I sat down to write it, and Astrid yelled at me. Why would she be satisfied by this? And it made me think about the events in Starslip from her point of view. And the scene turned into this. Now I wanted Vanderbeam to feel bad. He let someone down and he had to deal with it directly. His actions are ruining lives right now and there’s no quick fix.

It was just a very organic moment where I couldn’t bend the characters to a more polite situation. It was really exciting to see it develop.