Quick announcement at the top here — this weekend I will be exhibiting at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle with my Halfpixel brethren! March 30-April 1, come on out to see me!! I will be glad to do free artist editions in any book you purchase, and will also have Starslip pentagon stickers.

Things are getting hot as our crew tries to take the Fuseli!

A night or two ago I sat down and wrote dialogue all the way up through the end of Starslip. It’s a first draft but I doubt it’ll change very much as we approach the finale. I wanted to put a lot of heart into it, as Starslip explored some things near and dear to me: art vs. science, the respect of peers and the respect of predecessors. Predetermination.

I never really banged much of a drum about Starslip now that I think about it! It doesn’t have a Facebook presence. There’s no official Twitter. The strip means a lot to me and it’s the culmination of a lot of parts of my life that I’ll be putting to bed — did you know I came up with the Deep Time Agency in junior high? It actually predates any of the other ideas in Starslip.

Anyway I want to bang that drum now! There’s still enough time before the ending where you could read from the beginning and fully catch up for the end.

Thanks for being here. I hope you think of the weeks to come as quintessential Starslip.