Hey guys, I’m working on some exciting Starslip stuff in the closing weeks of the strip! Here’s one of them!

I drew this 9×12″ original piece of Starslip art at one of the Drink-N-Draw gatherings in downtown Los Angeles. There are no booze stains on it!

As you may be able to tell from the expertly-lit-and-shot photos, it’s blue non-repro pencil, brush pen, and gray marker. The drawing goes right to the edge, but it is suitable for framing with a big matte.

I am willing to personalize the drawing to the name/person of your choice before mailing it.

I will ship the drawing within 48 hours of receipt of payment from the high bidder — I will ship internationally. High bidder agrees to pay shipping costs (no more than $20 international, $10 within the US). The drawing will be shipped flat with stiff backing to prevent damage.