Deep Time has already started to fade from existence! It’s the only reason they didn’t stop us from finding the Higgs boson this time.

I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con 2012 at booth 1237, next to Scott Kurtz and Penny Arcade:

I will have Starslip Volumes 1 through 4 with me, as well as something to commemorate the ending of Starslip before Volume 5 arrives:

Yes! At SDCC you’ll be able to get The Starslip Companion, a new 64-page commentary book to supplement the seven-year arc of Starslip. It features character breakdowns, trivia, my design philosophies and inspirations, and the origins and endings of the strip.

I will also have the 4″ fully-embroidered Fuseli service patch — the patch that the crew members wear on their uniform shoulders. It features the United Star Configuration motto “Honor, Service, Third Thing” as well as the year of commission for the Fuseli (formerly the Crimson Fall). I’m very happy with how these came out!

I’ll also be taking single-character original art commissions throughout the show. Watch me draw or come back for it later in the con!

See you next week in San Diego!