Since May 23, 2005, it has been my great pleasure to bring you Starshift Crisis, then Starslip Crisis, then Starslip, five days a week (except for the times it was three days a week).

We leave our crew on a bittersweet note. Vanderbeam is at last in the arms of Jovia, having beaten back a destiny demanded of him by men from a future devoid of hope. Slowly, two of them will recover their memories of the future. His happiness comes at a cost: saying goodbye to his beloved crew for what seems like an eternity — though far less than the eternities he’s had to gird himself against.

Cutter, Mr. Jinx, Holiday and everyone Vanderbeam knew suddenly have to deal with his absence. There is much to do, but for the first time, all the old obstacles are beginning to fade.

It’s a bittersweet time for me as well! I’ve written these characters for the last seven years and they speak very clearly to me. This was the longest story I’ve ever told, with pieces of it reaching back to my childhood. I’m very happy that these ideas found their way into Starslip. I am a little emotional today!

So… what’s next?

  • I’ll be doing a live video Q&A Monday night, June 18, at 7PM Pacific on my Ustream channel — just something to answer your questions about Starslip and wrap up the strip and say thank you personally to you for reading. (It will be recorded in case you can’t make it.)
  • The first four Starslip volumes are available in my store. The fifth Starslip book, the final volume, is completed and ready to print — I’m looking to have it by San Diego Comic Con, but it will be available to order before that! I will make an announcement about it and about special offers for all five books, including a new collectible piece of merch as well as a new, sixth book called…
  • The Starslip Companion: a 64-page book of character and plot commentaries to go with the series. I discuss my motivations behind the story, things that worked and didn’t work, and elaborate on several behind-the-scenes stories we never got to see in the comic strip. This will be available before San Diego Comic Con too! Watch for announcements.
  • You can still find me at Chainsawsuit five days a week, and on Twitter┬álike thirty times a day. Also, for non-canonical fun, I recently registered the account @Starslip_S8.
  • Oh, ha ha! You can like Starslip on Facebook now. I’ll post updates there too — right now it has a glimpse of the fifth and final book cover!!
  • I have gotten a lot of comments from people who like Chainsawsuit, but looove Starslip and want to see more longer-form story-driven work from me. You will not be disappointed! I’m developing a new series right now, similar in scope, that I’m not ready to share details of. With Starslip’s work finished, I can turn my attention to it.

As ever, I welcome your comments and e-mails. Thanks for joining me for the last seven years. And if you’ve been here since I started out as a cartoonist online, thanks for being here for all twelve.

Watch Twitter, Chainsawsuit and this space! You won’t miss a single announcement when I make them!

On behalf of the crew of the Fuseli, thanks again.

Kris Straub
June 14, 2012